What Is HMD?

I’m Gavin Michael Booth (or GMB as you’ll come to know me)

I’m on a mission to meet the Hollywood professionals that have inspired me in my career thus far.  I am a filmmaker myself and have enough determination to see myself sat down in front of these people:

Steven Spielberg, Kevin Smith**, Jimmy Eat World**, Zach Braff, Tom Anderson, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino**, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp, Harry Knowles**, Dan Mirvish**, Bryan Singer, and Ellen DeGeneres.

How Many Days? is my daily video blog by which I will continue to post UNTIL I meet them.  It’s interactive and based on pay it forward.  It’s up to YOU to repost the videos, tweet, facebook mention… and pass the videos along so that eventually these people see the videos and give me a call and agree to meet.

In the main section of this blog, you can see the daily videos in which I have been posting for well over 1000 days and counting.  You can also view by calendar date and by a list of guest stars.

** – indicates who has contacted me and is mission complete so far.

Please also check out:

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www.gavinmichaelbooth.com – a site to find all my other sites.

www.gavinnaked.com – my written blog… yes people still WRITE as well as video blog.

Find me on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/gavinmichaelbooth

Twitter:  @gavinbooth

If you have a lead or know one of these people or ARE one of these people contact me:


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